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Bayer is an innovation-driven company with a long tradition in research and development. We leverage our expertise to address global challenges and aim to improve people’s lives around the world. Our Bayer Group mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life” is the foundation of what we at Bayer CropScience strive to achieve within the agricultural sector. Our contribution to society is based on helping to ensure an ample supply of high-quality food, feed, fiber and renewable raw materials.

Reinventing what it takes to keep harvests secure

Crop Protection

As every farmer knows too well, crops face fierce competition as they grow. Weeds fight for space and insects for their share; heat and drought add stress in the field. Meanwhile, just one outbreak of disease can destroy an entire harvest – with distressing results for farmers and their families. With so much at stake, our mission is to help every inch of their fields thrive and stay healthy.

Progress – but not yet for all

There’s no doubt that global agriculture has made huge progress. Visit the produce department of any large supermarket, and you’ll find abundant, high-quality fruits and vegetables, regardless of season or weather. But there’s still so much to do. Millions of people can only dream of this abundance as they struggle with dusty soils and adverse climates. Here’s where we come in. Our crop protection products can help farmers struggling with the harshest of environments. We know how hard these farmers work to extract value from their land. We also know that many don’t have a financial safety net to rely on if the harvest fails. For them, our crop protection products provide some peace of mind in extremely precarious circumstances.

Breakthroughs on the way

But all kinds of farmers, however secure their business, find extra reassurance in our reliable and advanced portfolio of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and seed growth products. And, sharing farmers’ drive to protect their harvests, our scientists are always digging for new breakthroughs to offer them. Our active ingredient pipeline currently includes five late and two early-stage developmental candidates, with a total of 30 projects in the research phase.

We are shifting our mind-set to an advisor with focus on our customer’s perspective.

It’s an exciting time. We’re reinventing the business of growing crops from the ground up. Combining biology and chemistry, working with farmers every step of the way, proving that advanced agriculture can sustain and feed the planet…it’s all in a day’s work at Bayer CropScience.

The race is on to unlock nature’s secrets


More and more people, less and less land. How we are all going to eat in years to come? Faced with that kind of pressure, our Seeds specialists are racing against the clock to unlock the secrets behind nature’s healthiest plants. To find the answers the planet needs, they’re pooling all the resources they have: traditional and smart breeding techniques, genetic analysis and targeted trait development.

While we’re experts in cotton, oilseeds and vegetables, food staples like wheat and rice are crucial too. Breeding and biotechnology offer smart ways to their boost taste and nutrient quality – even their looks. These methods also help plants survive the barrage of stresses they meet out in the field: bugs, weeds diseases, drought, salinization of soils and more. There’s also harvesting, processing, transport and storage: Our business unit Seeds gives plants the strength to endure it all.

Basics for life

Right now, many of our seed specialists are hard at work on wheat and rice. Together, these two staple crops are the foundation of the world’s diet, making up a third of total harvested farmland.

Determined to get these advances to farmers quickly, our BioScience specialists pull together knowledge from global networks of colleagues and partners. Our network of breeding stations, strong in Europe and North America, is set to grow into Asia and Australia. Meanwhile, our network of external partnerships has now reached many highly specialized research firms and institutes.

Healthy living spaces for long healthy lives

Environmental Science

Life expectancy has never been greater. Although the statistics vary between countries, everyone is living longer. Nutrition and medicine count for a lot – but there’s another big factor: hygiene.

Knowing that lives are at stake, our Environmental Science division cares deeply about keeping living spaces clean, safe and healthy. For example, our indoor applications and impregnated nets give people a range of ways to stop insects bringing disease into their homes. With these measures, we save lives on a huge scale: insect-borne diseases like malaria and schistosomiasis infect hundreds of millions of people worldwide each year.

Pests: keep out

They might not be as lethal – but who wants mice, rats and cockroaches scurrying about their home or business? Not only are they repulsive to most of us, they clearly signal unhealthy living conditions.

Our solutions help to create a pleasant domestic environment

We help people fight back here too. For instance, pest control companies are major customers of ours, relying on us to keep a whole range of environments – from restaurants to private homes – hygienic and pest-free. We offer them safe, effective chemicals so they can do their job thoroughly and well. And more and more, we’re combining chemistry with biology to create even more advanced and environmentally sustainable products.

Caring for green spaces

Another valued group of customers are home owners and gardeners – anyone who cares about the green space they’re responsible for. Bayer Garden and Bayer Advanced products help them create the landscape of their dreams, keeping it free of weeds, mildew and moss. Meanwhile our Turf and Ornamentals portfolio caters for the professional care of golf courses, sports fields and municipal parks, as well as nurseries and greenhouses, all the way to forestry applications. A diverse portfolio of products, all working hard for our varied community of customers…We’re proud of the role we play in keeping people’s environments hygienic and beautiful, without ever letting them down on safety and sustainability.

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